​Kathryn Fudurich

​Toronto, Canada

​With 10 years of video production and post-production experience, Kathryn brings her technical knowledge as well as a creative perspective in capturing spectacular visual moments. Kathryn's forte is in special event production which makes her uniquely qualified to not only understand the importance in the quality of the photos and videos delivered to our girls and women, but also in the value that these sorts of videos and still time-capsules carry as time passes. Sentimental at her core, Kathryn cannot wait to provide her services to female identifying clients who want to memorialize a moment in time where they feel strong, sure of themselves, and confident inside and out.

​Learn a little more about ​​Kathryn

If I gave you $5,000 to spend in one store what would it be and what would you buy?

​​This is tough! To be perfectly honest PROBABLY a camping store where I'd get a canoe, and a bunch of outdoor equipment to travel, wander, explore, get lost + survive! But what I want to be able to really do, would be to purchase in bulk household items that later stage people with dementia and Alzheimer's would need and not necessarily have the same access to as those in hospital or long term care. These items I would hope to sustainably provide in my own community for family caregivers to access when their own personal funds and resources are low. So, I'd feel good about either one of those...

What was your favorite TV show growing up?

​The Crocodile Hunter

Who is your favorite character out of book?

​Bilbo Baggins

Can you play any instruments? What?

​​Yes, the piano and my voice!

What is your favorite Cereal?

​​Life Brand

What is the strangest talent you have?

​My strangest talent would have to be this odd dolphin noise I can make with my mouth. I can also do a nice loon call, but the dolphin gets more people's attention!

What was your childhood nickname? Why?

​​I didn't necessarily have one that defined me outside a shorter form of my real name, which was Kath. However I did have a math teacher in high school who called me "Smiley Child" which definitely summed up the way I was perceived a lot of my life, and still am. I'm typically happy and I do smile a lot.

Do you have any strange phobias?

I don't believe that I do...apart from the fear of being brutally attacked by a serial killer. But rationally I know that is unlikely.

If you could have one super power what would it be? Why?

​​​I think it would be to stop time with any one other person. That way I could really maximize on relationships. I don't think I would be good at self-control if I could constantly visit the past OR the future, however being present with one person in a frozen moment seems to be something I could handle.

In another life I am pretty sure I was a …...

​Warrior princess

The best piece of advice I have ever been given is...

​​Try to only worry and spend energy on the things that I CAN control.

If I wasn't an amazing photographer I would probably be a...

​​Musical star

The most important thing I learned in high school was...

​​Everyone has their own stories, much of who we are stems from the homes and people who surrounded us during those formative years (ages 0 - 13).

When I was 7, I was pretty sure I would be a....


Some females that inspire me are...

​​My mother, my aunts and grandmothers, my friends, many women on social media who share their bodies and thoughts and feelings to show that what the media has always told us is pretty + perfect, is not truly the only way.

If I could swap places with someone for a day it would be.... and why

​​My mother. I want to know what she's experiencing living with Alzheimer's.

If you had a magic wand to change one thing in the world for the better what would it be and why?

​​I would try to have a world where all children and vulnerable people are wanted and cared for by those of us fortunate enough to not be in a situation of dependence or need.

If you could give one piece of advice to girls what would it be?

​​It would be to make yourself proud.