The Space out There

In miles, what is the circumference of the Earth (how many miles is it around the Earth at the Equator)?

How many planets are in our solar system?

Until 2006, there were nine planets. Now there are only eight. In 2006, what planet was reclassified and no longer considered a planet?

How many days does it take for the Earth to make one revolution around the sun?

What is the smallest planet in our solar system?

Which planet is known for its famous rings?

On average, about how many miles is the Earth from the Sun?

The moon does not produce its own light like the sun does, yet it shines brightly in our night sky. What makes the moon shine?

What is the next closest star to earth besides the Sun?

In what galaxy is the Earth located?

What is the largest planet in our solar system?

What is the closest planet to the Sun?

What is the third planet from the sun?

The Earth turns on its axis once every day, forming Earth’s days and nights. What is this motion called?

On average, about how many miles is the Moon from the Earth?